Shakthi Om

Who we are and what we do

Shakthi Om from Hannah Pixie Snowdon on Vimeo.

Created by two people with a deep respect for art in all of its forms and a thirst for something more than skin deep, from this human experience.

Shakthi Om is a movement of love. Ethically produced artefacts, inspired by our minute to minute experience of this vibrant world. Designed by ourselves and brought to life by all of the friends we meet along the way. Always strictly limited edition and handmade wherever possible. Items of power, for those who seek it. 

Join us in our #goodkarmaprojects, beginning with Nepal, April 2017. More information to come! Love Shakthi Om, a worldwide charity organisation that will pay back to what inspires us the most. Because we believe that the real poor people in this world are those who work to keep expensive, unfulfilling lifestyles and always want more. The roots of love, grown in South Goa, India, January 2017. 

Thank you for playing your part in this journey

Enjoy the light, with love


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